Deck Restoration

completely finished deck

To make a deck or any cedar surface look like this, you need the right products and the right application. Faast Painting can provide both. Using Total Wood Preservative (TWP) penetrating oil on the deck and oil based primer followed by a top Acrylic Deck Paint on the Rails. Faast Painting was able to achieve a contrasting color deck coating that is both beautiful and durable. If you need help restoring your deck, don't hesitate to call Faast Painting.

As shown below, we are restoring a cedar porch that has mildew problems. Using a mildew treatment followed by TWP Cedarton treatment we are able to bring the surface back to its original beauty.

Cleaning the Deck

Applying Stain to the Deck

Deck before treatment
Before Treatment
Treating the deck Deck after treatment
After Treatment
   Treating with TWP   

Deck before Restoration Deck after Restoration
Deck before Restoration Deck after Restoration