Commercial Painting

Below is the Alaskan Copper and Brass building that we painted and their testimonial to the professionalism of the job when we completed the project.

Mike: Thank you for the excellent work that you and your crew did on our two buildings. The paint jobs are outstanding. The care that your crew took to protect our property from over spray was much appreciated. What really made the difference in our projects was your personal efforts and involvement to make sure that we had outstanding results. I would highly recommend you and your firm to any owner who wants a quality project at a reasonable price.

Thank you again. We look forward to having you on our future projects.

Alaskan Copper and Brass
Jeff Rosenfield
Alco Investment Properties Project Manager

commercial painting project
commercial painting project commercial painting project

On this commercial painting project, we had to paint in early spring because of time constraints the owner was under having to beat the spring candy rush.

We used Low-Temp 35, a Sherwin Williams product specially designed to deal with cold weather.

The entire complex, including chapel, office and main candy store had to be refinished, down to the flower boxes.<

Stop by and check it out -- and pick up some Boehm's candy while you are at it!
commercial painting